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CarFax Vehicle History Reports

A vehicle history report gives you relevant and important information to help you make an informed used car purchase. Past damage from accidents can impact a vehicle's value. Some vehicles have had multiple owners, which makes it difficult for car dealers to notify current owners of safety recalls on their vehicles. CARFAX Canada provides the most comprehensive and reliable vehicle history reports in Canada, giving you peace of mind when you purchase a car.

CarFax Vehicle History Reports provide:

  • Accident, collision and damage detail

    A CarFax Report compiles data from collision estimating facilities, insurance information and police reports to let you know what, if any, damage the vehicle has sustained in its life.

  • Canadian registration and branding

    A look at where in Canada and the U.S. the vehicle is, or has been registered, as well as the status of the vehicle in those jurisdictions.

  • Stolen vehicle check

    This check provides data from the Canadian Police Information Centre to see if the vehicle is marked as actively stolen.

  • Import records

    You'll find any applicable details about the vehicle being imported or exported between Canada and the U.S.

  • Recall notices

    A CarFax Report will let you know if the car you're considering has an unfixed safety recall.

  • Other records

    Other information available from data providers may be reported as well.

At Regal Auctions CarFax Reports are FREE

We provide CarFax reports on the majority of vehicles we offer for sale as a free service. We do not charge either the buyer or the seller. CarFax reports, if they are available, can be found on each vehicle's listing in the Current Inventory section of our website.

Information is provided by CarFax and not Regal Auctions
Information relating to CarFax Vehicle History Reports is provided by CarFax Canada. Regal Auctions Ltd. makes no representation or warranty with regard to the quality, accuracy or completeness of any information provided by CarFax.

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Please Note: The CarFax reports we provide are only available for a limited time. Once a report expires on the CarFax system we can no longer access it.