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Buying a Vehicle @ Regal Auctions

Why Buy @ Regal?

Buying Hints

  1. Familiarize yourself with the way Regal Auctions works. It is a good idea to attend one or two sales prior to making a purchase.

  2. Arrive early on sale day. Allow yourself sufficient time to register and to check out the vehicles that may be of interest to you.

  3. Registration is free, but you must provide valid photo identification. You will then be given a bidding number. Look after this bid card as you are responsible for all purchases made under this number.

  4. Draw up a short list. Bear in mind the age, insurance costs, costs of reconditioning and factor them into your calculations. Remember, all used vehicles require some reconditioning.

  5. Keys are available weekdays during normal business hours. Just ask a friendly staff member.

Regal Auctions : Serving banks, leasing companies, rental fleets, new and used car & truck dealers, credit unions, trustees, finance companies and private indiviudals throughout Alberta.

The Ideal Alternative To Buying & Selling Your Vehicle.